Crowdfunding & shelf presence

You can make the best game possible, but without marketing material you’ll have a hard time even getting people to give your game a chance. This is especially true if you are going the kickstarter route and need people to trust you and your game before they have the chance to hear from others how good your game is.

We can help you with a lot of different aspects of the marketing of your game. If you need something we haven't mentioned here, just ask.


To get players to pick up your game in a store, the box is the only thing you have that can convince them. Therefore the design of it is extremely important. When we design game boxes we always remember that while the front of the box is the main event, most game stores will display your game with only one of the sides showing. Therefore it’s important that the sides show what the game is about almost as much as the front. We also like to design with the storage in a player’s home in mind, making the sides of the box viable for both horizontal and vertical storage.

Kickstarter graphics

Some kickstarters barely have any graphics, maybe some title banners at most, while others have graphics for everything, leaving the page with barely any text outside of the graphics. No matter what route you decide to go, the graphics you do have need to be eye catching and fit with the theme and aesthetic of your game.


Your game logo is one of your most important marketing assets and we believe it needs to be recognisable, ooze theme and be easily readable.