Icons & Illustrations

If asked what makes a game easy on the eyes, most people would talk about the illustrations, the artwork. Some might also mention icons, and to us that is an important property of icons, though it comes in second after readability and ituitivity.

We can offer a wide range of illustrative services. If you’re looking for something that isn’t mentioned here, just ask.


For any game that uses them, icons are essential for the understanding of the game and for quickly surveying components; In order for them to do this in the best way possible they need to be both clearly understandable and not diverge from the theme. We can help you with any and all types of icons you may need, and we always make sure they’re optimal for conveying information while sticking to the theme.


We create everything from simple to fairly detailed illustrations in vector formats.


Your game logo is one of your most important marketing assets and we believe it needs to be recognisable, ooze theme and be easily readable.