Rules & references

When you pick up a new game your excitement might easily plummet if the rules resources are not up to par. This is why the rulebook is one of the most important parts of your game, since that is how most new players will get to know it; If the experience of learning the game is really bad, it might affect their view of it as a whole.

When it comes to learning tools for your game, we can offer a wide range of services. If you’re looking to get something done that isn’t mentioned here, just ask.


The rulebook is often the first real contact a player has with your game, and you want that experience to be positive and easy rather than frustrating. Therefore we always have the player’s ease of learning at the top of our priority when we design and edit rulebooks.

We can offer a handful of services to bring your rulebook to the next level: from pure layout work to the creation of example images and rewriting your whole rulebook for the best learning experience, and everything in between. We also offer Swedish <-> English translations.

Reference cards

In our opinion, almost every game should have reference cards included. What they should be used for depends on the game; Some icon heavy games should probably use them for easily accessible icon references while others might need to use them to remind players of turn sequences or available action. Whatever the reference cards are used for, we think it’s important that they convey the information clearly in order for players to be able to remind themselves of it at a glance.

We can help you figure out what best to use your reference cards for as well as make sure the information is displayed clearly.