Eevee the Eurasier

We made this illustration as a glimpse into the future for our new puppy, and to have a profile picture for her Instagram. We wanted the picture to capture her own unique features as well as be recognizable as an Eurasier. Because we named her Eevee, we also wanted to incorporate some of the Pokémons design features into the illustration.

The illustration

Eevee the Eurasier illustration

The source material

In order to make the illustration reflect the real world puppy, we used several pictures of her to map out her facial markings and coloring. We even tried to match the spots on her tongue in the illustration.

Eevee, 6 weeks old Eevee, 6 weeks old

In addition we also used lots of pictures of fully grown Eurasiers to imagine how she will look all grown up, as well as pictures of the Pokémon Eevee as inspiration for how to cartoonize the puppy.